Give your Agile organisation it deserves

MANITY, a personal company created to implement and to improve Agile implementation and to build IT Management strategies within companies

Agile is a fantastic methodology to deliver products in a good and fast way.

MANITY truly believe in this methodology and all her children as Scrum, Spotify model and DevOps.

If you are looking for improvements about your IT and Product teams collaboration in order to have delivery successes, MANITY will help you to go in this direction.

MANITY has two aspects, firstly this is about Agile implementation by coaching people to use this methodology; and in another hand this is about IT Management.

IT Management is in my heart since I have more than 15 years experience in IT and in IT Management. I can help you to define your IT strategy and to coach your IT organisation to deliver their products in time, to commit on their backlog, to deliver high level of quality…

I met Aurelien when he was still a Software Developer and Scrum Master and worked directly with him later on when he became the IT Manager of the software developers in my team. He is a team player, easy to work with since he puts priority on listening and try to understand each person. We worked together to keep the motivation of the team high. He also worked hard to improve the performance of both, each individual and the overall team. He also cares for the career development of his direct reports. Always willing to help, I can certainly recommend Aurelien for any team that wants to improve, move forward and keep the human side as an important factor.

Product Owner, Ingenico ePayments

I have worked with Aurélien for last 11 years at ingenico and I have seen him growing in his function . I was impressed by his motivation ,can do attitude and ability to engage his teams . If you need a strong manager with good intra personal skills Aurélien is the man you are looking for !

Head Of Infrastructure, Ingenico ePayments

In the 5.5 years Aurélien and I worked together at Ogone/Ingenico, next things come to mind when I look back at our comparable career track: * Aurelien is ambitious and forward thinking, both in a technical way when deciding on an IT platform’s roadmap, developing a piece of software or in resolving a production crisis; and in a personal way: his nice track from front end developer towards IT tribe lead are the result of his hard work. * He has high and strict work ethics when handling with his team and colleagues, which made it easy for me to cooperate with Aurélien. * His calm and argumentative approach to resolve differences in opinion – and we had quite a lot I’m afraid 🙂 – helped us many times to find consensus in our struggle to render our IT dept with agile scrum teams into the Spotify model. Thanks again for your patience in the latter process Aurélien, it was a real pleasure to work with you.

IT Tribe Lead, Ingenico ePayments

J’ai eu le plaisir de travailler avec Aurélien lors de ma mission chez Ingenico. Nous avons eu l’occasion de mettre en place des équipes offshore de developpement en Tunisie. J’ai pu apprécier ses qualité d’écoute et ses compétances de manager dans le contexte d’équipes pluriculturelles.

Architect, Ingenico ePayments

I didn’t have the chance to have Aurélien as a manager but i’ve got the pleasure to work with him at Ogone before he became manager. As a colleague he was talented, always available to help you and when he became manager… that doesn’t change, he was always available for you even if you are not one of his team member. I hope that in the future i will have the opportunity to work again with him.

Developer Backend, Ingenico ePayments

I had the privilege of having Aurélien as my manager at Ingenico. Aurélien is a natural leader that has the capability to inspire and motivate every person that he works with. He successfully handles complex and very challenging projects by meeting the targets that have been set to him. He is also highly appreciated by the teams that he leads as he always finds the time to support and listen to them. His background as a software specialist is a highly valued skilled as it helps him understand the day to day complexity that developers have to face and also guide them towards the right path. I would like to thank him for the trust that he put in me and also his mentoring, without him my career at Ingenico would not have been the same. I would definitely recommend him to any employer that wishes to hire him, by taking him in they would certainly be making a great choice.

Developer Frontend, Ingenico ePayments

Aurélien was a great colleague with whom I could easily speak about company and personal goals. We had a good vibe. It was a good time working with Aurélien and I must say he’s a valuable asset to have in a team!

Developer Frontend Freelance, Ingenico ePayments