A personal company designed to support IT and Agile implementations. The experience of the company is coming from her founder with more than 15 years in those domains.

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Agile & DevOps

Two methodolgies asking your teams to be ready for this

Agile and DevOps are never easy to implement. It requests cultural changes and processes review. MANITY, by experience, can help you to use this way of working by coaching your IT and Product teams but also all the layers of your organization. It can be done via a Scrum Master or an Agile coach mission, it depends where you are in your Agile journey.

Workshops around Agile

Do you dream about an Agile workshop for your team?

MANITY always think about Agile team spirit, this way of working is also important for all our workshops. With us it is possible to build a strong team spirit within your team and you can also choose our workshops to coach your team to understand Agile and also Scrum. With have many workshops that could fit your needs such as Lego Robot workshop which is a really interesting workshop with material to experiment Agile and Scrum within your team.

IT Management

Defining an IT strategy is key for your products

With a strong experience in IT Management in big companies, we can elaborate together your IT journey meaning the strategy for your IT teams.
It includes R&D and Infrastructure people management, interim management, release management, quality management…

Agile Project Management

Agile Project Management is really specific and needs special skills

Believing in the Agile values, this is important that the project and product management is correctly done in order to have the full power of Agile. Fast moving, agility, iteration, quick customer feedback loop, all of those values are key and are values MANITY believes in.

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